Miracle Testimonies 



Pastor Gary’s mother called him and told him that her friend Darrel was in a diabetic coma, his legs were black, with no life. Pastor Gary prayed for him after talking to his mother, and next thing that happened is that he got new legs, new flesh. He was totally healed. Jesus did a creative miracle and healed him, completely.


Darrel Cooker


After he was healed, Darrel called pastor Gary about his friend Dr. Perron, Nobel Prize winner, who also was in a diabetic coma. And on the speaker phone, with doctors and nurses in the room, pastor Gary prayed for him and he came out of the coma. He was completely healed and gave his life to the Lord. Jesus healed him and saved him at the same time.


Dr. Perron


Darrel also called Pastor Gary about his uncle who needed a new liver but had a rare blood type so he couldn’t get a transplant. As soon as pastor Gary prayed for him, Jesus did a creative miracle and he got out of the hospital with a new liver.  Jesus healed him.


This man lost his right eye when he was 5 years old. He had a glass eyeball from one of the best glass eye makers in the world, but for obvious reasons he was not able to see from that eye. He went to pastor Gary and asked him to pray for him. He took his glass eyeball out and pastor Gary took it in his hands and prayed for him, holding the glass eye. When the man put his glass eye back into the socket, he was able to see from that eye again. He couldn’t stop crying out of joy.  Jesus gave him his sight back.




A man was spitting out blood. Pastor Gary wen to him and asked him “Is there anything God can do for you?” He said “Yes, I have heart cancer and 50% of my heart is not working right now.” Pastor Gary laid his hands on him and prayed, he was healed completely, a new heart was put in his chest. Jesus healed him and he accepted him as his Lord.


Harvey H.


Pastor Gary was ministering in the church. A lady had a tumor rooted into her lungs and lower part of her heart. She was shaking all over, and when she received the anointing of God, the tumor shot right out of her; Jesus healed her immediately. Another lady, at the same service, was sitting there with crippling rheumatoid arthritis, pastor Gary just threw the anointing unto her and she was immediately and completely healed, all her bones started to straighten out. Jesus restored all her bones.


As Glenda was driving down the freeway, a tractor trailer side swiped her vehicle and she rolled over 3 times. She was in a coma and on life support with no chance of survival. As the nurse put the speaker phone and pastor Gary prayed, she screamed, came out of the coma and every bone in her body was restored; she didn’t even have bone scars. Since the doctors hadn’t seen anything like that they didn’t charge her for the medical bill. Jesus healed her completely.


Glenda Underwood Jackson